Xibo player in raspberry pi 3

I want to install xibo client in raspberry pi 3.
any suggestions please??
Thank you

The answer to your question can be found here - Can I run a Xibo Player on my Raspberry Pi (all variants)

There are topics on this very site where people did try it with some degree of success, but it is not something we can recommend.

thank you thank you Peter

Should get you thinking that there is a demand that you’re not willing to fullfil.

Means for every Pi-owner: forget this project, this company does not want to use open hardware. :frowning:

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Indeed, a shame because Raspberry has released Pi Zero W, an excellent piece of hardware with the required wireless capabilities for connectivity.

Chip and HDMI are sufficiently powerful to render the display. The growing list of comments on this forum confirm Xibo should make a port and official support.

Too many projects try lock down community options, and then eventually die out

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Also am looking for a way to make a pi into a player or cms. The demand is there for sure.

I successfully got Xibo linux client running on a Pi Zero W…it takes manually compiling the software and relevant libraries and tweaking the code and build scripts…but it can be done and works well.

I can’t belive that the new Raspberry Pi 4 isn’t suitable to run Xibo. In my opinion, Xibo and Raspberry would be a Dream-Team.

You’re probably not wrong, but the dev team has made clear that it’s a low priority for them. If someone wants to contribute it, in keeping with their normal practices, they might entertain it… if it meets their operational standards.

It’s probably pretty important to say Xibo-client in all uses, though, to be clear.

Can you upload the compiled file/img?

Hola, yo si he comprobado la Raspberry Pi 4 4Gb con Android de Table … concretamente con lineage-17.1-20201120-UNOFFICIAL-KonstaKANG-rpi4

Hay cosas que me gustaria que se afinaran, pero con XIBO funciona muy bien… por lo menos lo que he comprobado durante 30 minutos, aun tengo que seguir probando.

Hi…I had a go at making this labor for about fourteen days. I had the option to get a bootable picture with a half breed of a jessie piece and wheezy framework records. I could get the xibo player to begin, yet it would just show my first picture and afterward dark screen for the rest. Lamentably the xibo linux customer is deserted with not a single update or substitution to be found. It doesn’t chip away at current distro delivers because of its utilization of old and belittled AV and program libraries. I have since abandoned xibo and moved my own straightforward advanced signage arrangement that meets the entirety of my requirements and runs pleasantly on my RPi3 with chromium program from the outsider repos.

Hola buenas noxhes.

Con Raspberry Pi 3+ lo tengo en funcionamiento y va de forma correcto.

Actualmente tengo 2 pantallas con el, aunque aconsejo la versión 4 y 2 Gb de ram como mínimo.

Hi, Could you share how you did it?
I’ve tried several ways but always get that it works on linux but not on arm