Xibo player error version 1.7.7

Hi all,
I am new with Xibo and i read the installation manual.
I installed the xibo files with my own hoster, create a database and i follow the installation steps
After finishing i can login and evrything seem to work fine.

I downloaded the windows xibo client version 1.7.7 but when i try to connect i receive an error within my player.
My windows version in windows 10. I try to disable my firewall but the connection error remains
I google but i cant find any solution.

Can someone help me?

I created by accident the same topic in GENERAL. Can you delete that for me?

What error did your recieve?

What kind of error did you get? (perhaps you could show us a screenshot?)

Of course always double check if CMS address and key are correct in the player.

Yup, done.

When i press the SAVE button then the errors occurs

I would imagine there’s a firewall in the mix somewhere closing the connection.

Do you use a proxy server? If so, have you filled in those details on the Advanced tab?

I would also change the CMS key now on your CMS too since you’ve published it on the Internet. It will need to be updated on any other Players connected to that CMS too.

i am not using a proxy server.
when everything is working i will change the key.
I basicly started so i have a working CMS but my player (i have only one) will not connect.

Now someone can helping me testing from a client?
When someone else uses this connection setting do you have the same issue?
so can i testing of it is a local issue on my home network of it is a issue with my hosting provider?

i checked my windows firewall. For testing i completes turn it off. The error remains.
So i think it is not a firwall issue on my pc

The cms adress connects through port 80 i guess?
Via that port i can connect because i can see the login page of my cms.
So i have nog clue…

when i press display admin it works.
when i press launch client it seems to work ( i see a xibo monitor)

When i click save i receive an error The underlying connection was closed: The connection was closed unexpectedly

Yes it uses port 80 for HTTP.

I’ll try a Player from here for you. The Player will run if it’s not registered with the CMS but it won’t be able to get any content to show.

I get exactly the same connecting to your CMS:

Something on the webserver side is closing that connection.

Thanks for your help.
I create a support ticket by my hosting provider. (servage)
hopefully they can help me.