Xibo player don't download content

Xibo Digital Signage Version
3.0.3 (DOCKER)

Player Type

Player Version
xibo-client-v3-R301.1-win32-x86 & xibo-client-v2-R258.1-win32-x86

Windows 10 Pro (En)

I’m having a problem with player on win 10.
So i’ve installed xibo-client-v3-R301.1-win32-x86 on win 10 pro 64.
Then connected client to server
Then i checked logs of the player.

Also i checked status on the server


The client is steel in downloading state
It can’t download default layout.

The time zone on client - same as on server.

Please could you help?

I am experiencing the same problem. Have you already found a solution?

I’ve change everything in 'default layout '(i set: my own background, logo and ex.) Now everything works fine.

Okay, we’re going to try this. Thank you!

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