Xibo Player crash with video region in loop

Hi everyone,

I want to create a region with a single video in loop but everytime I do Xibo player crashes. I have to kill the process and start again.
If I remove the video region the layout plays OK.

I recently upgraded my Xibo install and everything looks fine but that region/video situation.

CMS 2.3.9
Player Windows 2 R256.7

Thank you for your message and sorry to hear about your issue. Can you send me a copy of the video, or export the layout containing the layout so I can test on my R256 player?

Can you also confirm if you are seeing any errors when this issue occurs, and whether the video plays at all before the crash, or if it is immediate?

Finally, please also confirm the Windows version, edition and build number you are using with the player?

Many Thanks.


Exported layout -> https://we.tl/t-4R0hjVX0Mc

I can´t see any error. It´s not immediate, the layout plays for some time.
The player is running normally and then crashes. I press i key to see the log and everything closes.
This layout was playing on v1.8.11 for a year and everything was OK. I recently upgraded to latest version, both CMS and Player, and put a region with a video in loop in layer 0 and the other regions in layer 1. That was the only change.

W10 Pro | 20H2 | 19042.844

Thank You

Daniel via Xibo Community <noreply@xibo.org.uk> escreveu no dia quarta, 3/03/2021 à(s) 13:15:

Thank you for the details and export of your layout. I was surprised to discover it’s a huge resolution, is this playing across a video wall?

If this is a video wall installation, I would recommend taking a look at our video wall guide, which was recently updated to address an issue some users may experience when using more than 2 screens with extended desktop functionality. We would instead recommend using the functionality in your graphics card to stitch the outputs into a single desktop. Here is the guide for more information:

Many Thanks.


I have 2 Samsung 4k Tv’s.
If i remove the video region the layout plays with no errors on both Tv’s.
Today the Player didn’t crash… but the region with the video froze. all the other regions were playing OK.

This is my player with the layout playing OK. For some random reason that fire video stops or crashes the player… -> https://we.tl/t-hnnMAqKM4Q

4Gb of memory is enough to play these big layouts?

Thank you

Daniel via Xibo Community <noreply@xibo.org.uk> escreveu no dia quarta, 3/03/2021 à(s) 16:50:

Thank you for your reply and for confirming this is indeed a video wall layout. The video in your layout has a 4K resolution, so it is likely to require a reasonable amount of resources to play this alongside your other media in that layout. I cannot say whether 4GB of RAM is suitable for your layout, I would instead recommend monitoring the resource usage in your layout while the video is added to see if your CPU, GPU or RAM are hitting maximum usage during the crashes you are seeing. I would also suggest checking event viewer to make sure that there are no error or warning logs that could provide clues as to what is happening on that machine when the issue occurs.

You could also try using a lower resolution video to see if this helps with the stability but this would also require further testing to know for sure if the machine you are using is capable of running this layout.

Many Thanks.

Hi Daniel

Before upgrade I had a 4K video with 1.4 Gb in one TV in a region with more widgets. The only difference I see is the loop.
I deleted de video before sending the layout export to you to send a smaller file.

I tested the same kind of video and layers with another layout with 1920x1080 with only one TV and everything is OK.

Maybe I’ll give up on that video loop region. Everything else works good.

Thank you.

Daniel via Xibo Community <noreply@xibo.org.uk> escreveu no dia segunda, 8/03/2021 à(s) 10:39:

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