Xibo player content not accepts clicking cookies

i want to display embedde website with video content, in the Xibo CMS it plays the content without asking to accept cookies. But if i start the Xibo player , it every time ask for accept cookies , but i can not click it away .

this is the embedded html code ( and website )

<div id="divContainer" style="position: absolute; left: 80px; top: 90px; border: solid 2px #000;">
    <div id="frameContainer" style="overflow:hidden;">
        <iframe src="http://nos.nl/livestream/npo-nieuws.html" scrolling="yes" style="width: 790px; height: 500px; margin-top: -120px;">

how to solve this ?

thanks, Kriszty


I see the problem.

We logged it as a bug, it should be fixed in the next release, you can see it here:

As a work around, since you have scrollbar there you can scroll down a little bit to show the video, the cookies message will still be there but you can scroll past it. We know it would look better without scrollbar and if you could just accept the cookies, that’s why we will try to fix it in the next release.

This does not appear to be a Xibo problem as IE doesn’t allow that cookie control to be dismissed either.