Xibo player clock date doesn´t update when offline


I have some players installed in a place with unstable internet connection.
When it doesn´t connect to the internet during the day change (midnight) the date of the digital clock doesn´t update either.
Is there a parameter to make the clock sync to the windows system time?


The clock does use the Windows system time, with the offset defined by the CMS.

It definitely doesn’t get the time from the CMS.

If you’re just showing the date, then that won’t change until that widget is reloaded after midnight. So for example, if you’re showing a text region that shows the date, it will render that date once, and then I don’t believe it’s updated until that region expires and the widget is reloaded. That has nothing to do with the connection to the CMS, it’s simply down to the duration of the layout or the widgets within it.

Thanks Alex.
I´m gonna set a duration to refresh the clock zone each 4 hours. It may solve this issue then.