Xibo player 1.8.10 win10

Hello, I’m having a problem with the player. I make the connection with the cms, and when I run the client it opens and it closes. Watchdog raises it and it closes again.
And this produces it in a loop.

I am using the 1.8.10 version of the client on windows 10.


When the Watchdog closes and opens the Player, it should briefly state the reason why it is restarting the Player, can you share the error so I can look into the issue further?

I would recommend closing the Player, opening Task Manager and ending all processes running for the Xibo Player and Watchdog. Once you have ended all of the Processes, start the Player again.

If the issue persists after you have done this, please also send me a screenshot of your Status page. You can access the Status page by clicking the i key on your keyboard while the Xibo Player is running. You are welcome to send this to me privately if you prefer.

Many Thanks.

here is the screenshot, but this one does not give information. The problem occurred after closing the client, it has been impossible for me to restart it.

Thank you for the screenshot. Can you confirm whether you have tried closing the Player and all Xibo Processes in the Task Manager, then restarting the Player? Can you also confirm what the Watchdog message states when it opens/closes the Player?

Many Thanks.

yes i confirm having closed all Processes of xibo and watch dog displays “No Active Processes”

Thank you for the reply. Can you confirm that you ended all processes, including the Watchdog itself and launched the Player, not the Watchdog? When you start the Xibo Player, it will open the Watchdog automatically.

I can also see in the Status screenshot that you have a download window set for the Player, which is between 10:43 and 00:00. This means that your Player will only download new data between 10:43 and Midnight. If this is correct you do not need to adjust this. If it is not correct, you can change the Download Window Start and End Times in the Display Settings option on your CMS. Select the down facing arrow at the end of the Windows Profile you are using with this Player and choose Edit from the drop down menu. Here in the Edit Profile window you will see the Start and End Time fields. Setting both to 00:00 will ensure that the Player can download updates at any time of day.

I can also see that XMR is not correctly configured. I would recommend either configuring XMR correctly or disabling it if you do not wish to use it. To configure it for specific Display Profiles, you would select the Display Settings option in your CMS and Edit the Profile as mentioned in the previous paragraph. Under the Download Window Start and End Time fields is the Public XMR address field. Either enter the XMR address and port into the field to configure it, or type DISABLED instead. You can also configure/disable the XMR in the Settings option in your CMS under the Displays tab to ensure the setting is passed to all Displays.

I have included a link to the Post CMS Installation Guide, which explains how to configure XMR for reference, just in case:

Once you have configured XMR and the Download Window (if not correct), once again close the Player, end the Watchdog and any other Xibo processes and start the Xibo Player, not the Watchdog.

Please let me know the results of doing this.

Many Thanks.

yes i confirm having closed all Processes of xibo, and after restart xibo player, watchgod display
“no active processes”.
I also reconfigured the Start and End Time fields.
I configured xmr as indicated in the link you provided me, but the problem is still present.

I specify that I did not launch watchdog, it is activated at the launch of xibo player

Thank you for the confirmation. If you select the Log option in your CMS, click the Advanced tab and set the Display field to the Display with the issue, can you confirm if there have been any other errors logged? You may also need to adjust the Duration Back field under the General tab to a greater interval to see any errors.

If you have Team Viewer set up on the Player’s PC, you are welcome to private message me the credentials and I can take a look for you.

Many Thanks.

there is no other error in the logs, I will come back to you later for remote control. currently I was doing tests on different solutions. I will test on another pc to see if the problem comes back.

Thank you for letting me know. I will wait to hear from you.

Many Thanks.

I just tested on another computer, the problem is not present. the difference between the two:
computer malfunctioning: w10 family update 1803
computer ok: w10 pro update 1803

windows family is not supported?

Windows 10 Pro is the recommended version for Xibo for Windows. Windows 10 Family has not been officially tested and so we cannot guarantee that it will run Xibo for Windows without issue.

I would recommend using Windows 10 Pro to ensure there are no further issues.

Many Thanks.

Yes, if we set up the xibo solution, we will use w10 pro. Unfortunately my test pc was under win family. Thank you for your responsiveness and your work. Cordially.

You’re welcome, Thank you for trialling Xibo for your digital signage solution.

Many Thanks.