Xibo on Multiple Display running on same PC

Hi, i have read One pc displaying 2 different xibo content and other topics. but i cant seem to deploy multiple instance of xibo on same PC.


  • One PC running windows OS
  • Two Displays connected via Two outputs and recognised in windows as Display 1 and 2. both are 1920x1080 Display


Still when both XiboClient.exe and XiboClient2.exe is ran, they both run on 1st display.

Goal is to run one app on 1st display and other on second display and both showing different content.



The important thing is to edit the X and Y offset on the second Xibo
instance, these X and Y offset will depend on the display resolution of the
first display.

I have a documentation that I did myself for this, pls see attached.

Thanks & Regards.

Hi Paladine, thanks. Please can you send document / attach again.
I cannot see the attachment in this page.

The steps i did on a PC which had Two MOnitors physically attached to it in windows 7

  1. Install Client 1 “xibo-client-1.8.3-win32-x86.msi”
  2. Register Display in Xibo Server and schedule a layout with resolution 1080P HD Landscape and in designer it has 1920x1080 template with Top: 0; Left:0
  3. run client - works ok on display 1

Second display setting profile

Second display setting profile

Hi Moazzam,

What is your email address?


You will want to specify player size as well, then assign that second display profile to your second player, you might need to restart the player for it to pick up new profile, after that it should be fine.

You will most likely want to adjust watchdog configuration files for the second player (so it can monitor the second player correctly), perhaps have a look at the more detailed notes here.

Manual will be updated with those in the next release.