Xibo on Minix-neo without CMS?


can I use xibo to create already created layouts without the CMS? I would like to take the Minix-Neo to an exhibition and present it.
Is this possible?



Ola Cris, não sei se entendi certo.
Vc quer criar layout no CMS e fazer uma apresentação Offline no minix-Neo? sem internet???


sim, possivelmente para uma apresentação.


É possível sim criar layout, adicionar e atualizar conteúdos com o player online ou offline por um período de 14 dias, depois será necessário licenciar o player android.


Acho que nos entendemos errado. Eu tenho um Android Minix Neo aqui, configurei um layout para uma exibição aqui e gostaria de usar esse layout em, e. mostre uma feira. Isso é possível?
Lá eu tenho uma tela de TV e o Minix Neo para mostrar um layout que eu criei localmente aqui.


It is possible to achieve the result you are looking for but there are some elements you should be aware of.

You could create the Layout, connect your Player to that CMS and schedule the Layout/layouts you want. Once you have done this, the Player will retain a schedule for up to 2 days without needing to contact your CMS for further schedule information.

This means that as long as you schedule the Layout as mentioned above, you have 2 days where you can continue to display your Layouts without a CMS connection.

Many Thanks.


Thank you for the quick response and information. Do I have to pay attention to special settings or can I just turn off the Minix-Neo and keep my layout?


There should not be any special settings to consider as once the Layout has been downloaded onto the Minix device, it will be stored there.

I’m not sure how long you have before you will be showing those Layouts at the fair but I would recommend testing your Player before you go. You could simply schedule the Layout now to that Player, wait for it to download and show as up to date and once the Player is showing the Layout you want, switch it off and unplug it from the network so it cannot contact your CMS. Once you know it cannot contact your CMS, switch it back on again and make sure it is showing the Layout the way you want it to.

I would even recommend leaving the Player to do this for a day if possible, this way you will have an idea as to how it will perform. If you have any issues with the Player showing the Layout when it has no network connection, you can always post in this thread and we can troubleshoot before the Event.

Remember that the Player can only store a schedule up to 2 days from the last time it contacted your CMS, so when you do go to the Event, make sure to connect to your CMS for the last time as close to the Event as possible (after you have tested it of course).

Many Thanks.


Many thank you for the detailed info.