Xibo on https with amazon web service issue

hi everybody

i made a litte step i install xibo docker on aws it works
i want to make a bigger step i want to install ssl to secure transmission
i follow this post ;

i reach this point : generation of certificate with cerbot
enter my mail
enter my name domain

and i got a mistake

affortunatly i didn’t make a screenshot

they talk about a new way to get certificate

i’m lost so i remove all and i begin a fresh install of apache hoping i will found a step by step guide of my level

i’m discovering the powerful of xibo i 'm very far to use it in production but i read in a lot of articles that it’s not avdivisable to use it in production. i would like to know

thanks for reading

Best thing would be to tell us exactly what the error you get is. That guide is already step-by-step. I can’t make it more simple for you.

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