Xibo on Docker Installation

Hey there, I am new to IT-World so I am sorry for asking such questions.
I started with Digital Signage project and have searched and tested lots of Signage products but I have finally decided for Xibo on Docker. Now I am working on creating a Powerpoint presentation which I gonna present to my colleagues including IT-Administrators, so here I have some questions. Why Xibo on Docker? Advantages and disadvantages? Is Docker secure? (I know Xibo on Docker is a recommendation but not a must) Secondly, Why should I change the ports while adding SSL https://xibo.org.uk/docs/setup/xibo-cms-with-docker-on-ubuntu-18-04and what is each port for?
I will be really thankful for answering my questions a bit in details (If possible) it will really help make my presentation better.
Thanks in Advance


Thank you for choosing Xibo.

Maybe this will be interesting:

The guide shows how to run Apache on the same machine as Docker so that you terminate your SSL configuration in Apache, and then proxy that into Docker. So it goes:

Outside -> Host -> Apache SSL -> docker -> Xibo

This is one of many ways to do it - exactly how depends on where you get your SSL certificate, what systems you already have in place, etc.

The ports section of a Docker file tells Docker how to map ports between the Host machine and the container. When you go to on the host, the traffic ends up at http://localhost:80 in the container.

There are some great videos and guides on what Docker is and how to use it and iā€™d thoroughly encourage you to have a look at some of them.


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