Xibo offline using default layout


i’d like to understand what xibo do when offline:

  • if I set a default layout this will be shown when the player is offline?
  • it is possible to schedule the default layout when offline or this will run until the connection come back?

thank you all!



Whilst your Player is connected to your CMS, you can schedule a Layout. If that connection is then lost, the Player will continue to display the scheduled Layout until it receives a new schedule.

Your Default Layout for the Player will display on the Player when no other Event has been scheduled. This means that you do not have to schedule the Default Layout.

To answer your question, what is shown on your Player whilst it is offline will depend on whether it had a Layout scheduled prior to going offline. So if your Player has Layout 1 scheduled and then loses the connection to the CMS, it will continue to display the cached Layout until it is told to display something else. If there is not a Layout scheduled or the scheduled layout is not valid, The Default Layout will instead display.

Many Thanks.


Hi Dan!

thank you for reply.

I would like to understand if the default layout can be scheduled with dayparting to alternate 2 layouts, because you can assign only one layout to be used as default, example:

layout 1 with connection is scheduled to be showed from 8:00 to 20:00 and from 20:00 to 8:00 black screen layout.

Can I tell to the player to maintain the same scheduling but instead of layout 1 show the default layout?

the point is: if the player lost the connection can I maintain the same scheduling using the default layout?

In this way the player still show informations but also show the black screen when shops are closed.

I hope that the description is clear, sorry for poor english.

Thank you very much for the support, maybe is not possible so I wonder if you have a workaround to obtain that also offline the player can continue to show two layouts in alternate hours.



From what I understand from your above scenario, You would like to display a Layout during the hours 8:00 until 20:00 and from 20:00 until 8:00 you would like a black screen. If so, there are many ways to achieve this:

For the below examples, I will call the Layout that contains the information you wish to display during opening hours Layout 1. The Layout that will display the Black screen for when the store is closed will be named Layout 2. All of the below examples would need to be scheduled prior to Players going offline.

You could set Layout 1 as your Default Layout and schedule Layout 2 to display 20:00 until 8:00. Because Layout 1 is set as Default Layout, you will not need to schedule it as it will show by default. When it is 20:00, the schedule for Layout 2 will begin and the black screen will be shown. When it is 8:00 the next morning, the schedule will end and the Player will default back to Layout 1.

You could set Layout 2 as your Default Layout and only schedule Layout 1 to show from 8:00 until 20:00. When it is 20:00, the schedule will end and the Default Layout (Layout 2) will automatically display. When it is 8:00, the schedule will begin again and Layout 1 will be shown.

You could schedule Layout 1 from 8:00 until 20:00, and schedule Layout 2 from 20:00 until 8:00. With this option, you would be able to set a third Layout as your Default Layout instead. The Default Layout is often used to indicate if there is something wrong with your schedule/Player. For example if for some reason there was an issue with the Player and it was unable to display your scheduled Events, it will instead display your Default Layout. This can be very helpful when troubleshooting an issue as in this scenario the Default Layout should never show.

Any of the above options will provide you the result you are looking for, I would personally recommend the Third option as this will help to identify an issue with the Player/schedule much more clearly than using the Default Layout as part of your schedule would.

Whilst I’m sure you’re already aware, your Layouts must include at least one region, which must also contain at least one item. I mention this regarding the Black screen layout you are considering making, as you will need to create a single large region that covers the entire layout and contains a black image. Simply setting the Background to black will not work as this would not include a Region in the Layout.

As you are using Android Players, you will also need to consider that the Players will need to be able to connect to the License Pool server occasionally to continue to be Licensed. A possible solution to this would be to use an On Premise Licensing Module or to connect your Player periodically to ensure the Player continues to be licensed.

I have included a link below to our Android Licensing Guide, which explains in more detail how this is done as well as your options for making sure the License is retained by the Player.

My apologies for the long message, I hope the above information is helpful.

Many Thanks.


Hi Dan

thanks for your reply.

For me the problem is only when the player goes offline:

So when offline I can let xibo show only 1 default layout without scheduling, and this layout will play countinuosly until it will reconnect to cms, I’m right?

thank you for your reply full of informations



Glad to hear that the information was helpful.

As mentioned in my previous messages, any content that is scheduled to show on a Player will continue to show on the Player even if it is not connected to the CMS.

If there is no content scheduled on the Player or the scheduled content is not valid, the Player will display the Default Layout, even if not connected to the CMS.

Many Thanks.