Xibo Newbie problem with Display Player

Hi we are trialing Xibo using the hosted version and am struggling to update the layout on a Display. I have edited the layout and saved it but the Windows 10 Player is not updating. What am I missing?

Could you show us a screenshot of status window on your player please?
press ‘i’ on your keyboard while the player has focus to show the status information.

Could you also tell me what durations do you have on your layout?

If you have some long duration it will delay the updates of your content on the player.

You can also try enabling ‘Expire modified layouts?’ option and see if it will help you, that option is located in:
Display Settings page -> Edit display profile assigned to your player -> Advanced tab

I do have the Expire Modified Layouts enabled.
At the moment the layout has a duration of 50 seconds.

I think the issue was with a powerpoint I had added to the layout. A popup behind the app was asking if I wanted to open the file. After removing the powerpoint it started updating again.

I will need to add powerpoint slides at some point though, is there something I need to do to stop the popup happening every time the ppt is opened?

Yes, there is, please see https://xibo.org.uk/manual/en/media_module_powerpoint.html

and PowerPoint media items show a "Navigation Cancelled" error when running on the Windows Player / PowerPoint brings up an Open Dialog