Xibo Media not loading on reverse proxy hosted

CMS - Version Version 3.0.3


I have been using xibo for a few years now with minor issues but overall a major success! Recently I started having team members working more remote and wanting to keep access. We would normally use VPN or Teamviewer. These have worked well but VPN has become an issue with our platform and Mac users. I am toying with running xibo behind a Authelia/NGINX proxy security setup. Its working great I have access to the platform but for some reason Media fails to load in the media page. I can see media when I go into layouts and previews. I can even upload media through the media page but I never see anything load up in the list it stay a constant blank.

Wondering what I am missing here as it doesn’t seem to be a direct proxy issue but more along the lines of a timeout/loading issue from the xibo server.

All searching is leading me to believe I might need to up the Maximum Query String to 8192 but I am not seeing where that is located in my Ubuntu/Docker installation. Everything seems related to windows.

Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 500 ()

This is the error when doing an inspect.

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