Xibo, local installation (MySQL problem)

I want to configure Xibo, but I have this message :
Xibo requires a MySQL database. Ensure PHP MySQL client extension is installed
Xibo requires the PHP MySQL Extension to function.

I’m using XAMPP (v 7.1.4)

What I’m I supposed to do ?

Thank you very much.



Well, looking at your error, it would seem that you have to enable the php MySQL extension.

Also, what Xibo version are you installing please and why is it 1.6(?) series and not something a bit newer, reliable and supported like at least 1.7.9?

I don’t know how to enable the php MySQL extension.

I’ve looking in the php.ini and I have that :


My version of Xibo is the last one.

Thank you

latest version downloaded from where please?

I’m afraid it’s not 1.8.1 (which is the newest), it’s also not 1.7 series from the looks of it.

If that’s the correct php.ini, then it seems like you’ve enabled the extension, did you restart your web server after making this change?

I download the lastest version and everything is okay. Thank you very much for your help.