Xibo Linux installation

Hi,First I install snap and after that I execute xibo-player-test --host --server-key o3TuR9 --hardware-key 3cfadb317-5b7a-3c4e-a415-a09816d2aebd
then its showing error with Soap Resolved host with error: Host not found (authoritative) .

My ubuntu version is 18.04 LTS and architeture is amd6d

It’s telling you it can’t resolve that hostname.

Perhaps your local DNS settings aren’t quite right.

I notice you’ve removed the Source/About links from the login page of your CMS. Just a friendly reminder that if you do so, you need to have an alternative means of ensuring all users of your system receive a copy of the licence and source code for the CMS, complete with the copyright assignments in order for you to be compliant with the licence terms.

Hi Alex,

Sure we will make sure to do that.


You might try your host without the http:// on it too. I don’t have a copy in front of me now but my recollection is you only give the host name and not the URL at the moment (that’s likely to change).