Xibo keeps email us saying screens are coming up

hi the server keeps emailing us every 1 mins and ive had over 1000 emails in 1 hour.



Can you confirm if Send Repeat Display Timeouts is set to On? You will find this setting under Settings, Maintenance on your CMS.

If it is set to On, switching it to Off should resolve the issue.

Many Thanks.

Hi dan this is off its about diffrent screens

Hi dan it reports for stuff thats two hours old and then emails me saying its online

So it could be old notifications queued up in the CMS database waiting to be sent, if you just enabled the email task for example.

It could also be something preventing the CMS from marking those notifications as having been processed, and so it’s sending the same things over and over again.

Finally it could be that the displays really are losing connection to the CMS and going up and down over and over and that the alerts are genuine.

Are the displays all showing as logged in on the Displays page solidly, or are they fluctuating between logged in and not over and over?

Hi alex they are displaying a solding logged in



its complaing about 2 hours ago

Did you recently change something? Upgrade, setup XTR, adjust task settings etc?

hi alex i scheduled a reboot last night of the screens and since then its gone bonkers. We have just rebooted the server and docker. to see if that helps

Which Player is it - Android, webOS or Windows? What version of the Player?

Some older versions of Android reboot over and over when they are sent a scheduled reboot command, which would trigger lots of alerts.

windows most recent. The link is the log pull from xibo

The log suggests its new notifications, not old ones being sent over and over, so I suspect either it’s old notifications being caught up after something triggered the emails to be delivered properly, or the displays are going up and down as far as the CMS is concerned and that’s generating emails.

The troubleshoot is only over a few moments so I can’t say for sure which of those scenarios it is. I would caution you against posting troubleshoot files publicly too as they can contain sensitive information.

If you look in the notification centre, are new notifications being generated there?

Hi Alex no new notifications in there now.



Have the emails also stopped then?

hi alex no they have not stopped do you want me to send over a bigger log.

Sure you can send a troubleshoot over a longer period that would be helpful. Perhaps let it sit for 10 minutes before collecting the data.

You can PM me the file.

alex i have a picture of the error !


Is this on 1.8.11?

If not, please ensure you’re upgraded to latest as there were fixes related to tasks in 1.8.11.

how do you do the upgrade , is there a step by step instruction

It depends how it was installed.

If it’s with Docker, then that’s covered in the manual here:

If it’s a Custom installation, then it’s a more involved process and you really need to get whoever did the installation to assist as there’s lots of potential pitfalls.