Xibo is not responding. Would you like to close it?

I have 2 android devices within my network running Xibo_for_Android_v1.7_R64 with a backend of CMS version 1.7.9. They have been working for a year without any issues until recently when the above mentioned error keeps recurring.
I have reinstalled the player and also the CMS (to a different pc) but after a day or two the error reoccurs.
I have also checked on the forum for answers and tried out a few recommendations but again after a day or so, it reoccurs.
Any assistance will be highly appreciated.

Sorry maybe i should mentioned am running pictures(jpg) and a ticker

I would first recommend checking the Logs in your CMS to see if you are receiving any errors or messages that would explain the behaviour. If you are not seeing any errors, you could enable auditing on the device so that when it happens you will have logs explaining what was going on when the Player crashed.

To enable auditing, select the Displays option in your CMS, click on the down facing triangle at the end of the Display you want to audit and choose Edit. under the Advanced tab you will see the Auditing option.

You mentioned that the issue occurs after a day or more, which can create a large amount of logs. If you decide to enable auditing on the displays I would recommend checking on the Displays regularly so you can narrow down the time frame in which this occurs. Even 10 minutes of auditing can create a large number of records.

Can also you confirm what model the device is that you are using?

Many Thanks.

Will check on the logs and revert

After enabling auditing on both displays, the error is still showing up but i get no errors in the log.
Device model is Donatello-01, Android version 4.0.4.

Thank you for the further information. The version of Android you are using does not meet the minimum requirements for the Xibo for Android Player. This likely explains the issue you are having.

Xibo for Android requires Android 4.4 or higher, I would recommend updating your Android device or looking for an alternative hardware solution that meets the minimum requirements. For reference, I have included a link below to our Recommended Android Hardware Guide:

On a side note, I would also recommend upgrading your CMS to a newer version, ideally the Latest version as you will find many fixes and features have been added since 1.7.9. This is of course your choice and if you are happy with your setup then it is not necessary.

Many Thanks.

Many thanks DanBW,

I’ll try updating the Android version and check whether that will fix the problem.
It’s strange as it never had this problem and we have been running this setup for about 1 and half years now.
Anyway will revert with updates.