Xibo installation on Cpanel


I am trying to install Xibo on my CPanel environment hosted on OVH. I have uploaded all the files and am trying to sort out the php extensions but am not succeeding. I have enabled the extensions within the PHP SOAP section of Cpanel but I am not sure where to put the line of code whereby xibo looks for the extensions. CPanel state

"Using Your PHP Extension(s) and Application(s)
You will need to add “/home/rchallis/php” to the include path. You can do this by adding the following code to your script:

ini_set(“include_path”, ‘/home/rchallis/php:’ . ini_get(“include_path”) );"

Is anyone able to help?
Thanks in advanced.

SOAP is loaded in to php, if it is installed and I believe it is, the only thing you should need to do is to enable the module - or if you don’t have access to it then ask your hosting provider to do that.

Once it’s installed and enabled, Xibo should detect that during installation, did you try installing the CMS and did it show any error/warning regarding SOAP module?