Xibo installation guide

Hi All,i want to install Xibo but i am encountering following error.
"Xibo Error
We are really sorry, but there has been an error. It has been logged in install_log.txt and printed below."
how can i resolve this error?
Thanks in advance.

What version are you trying to install and in what way? (docker, webserver if webserver then which one)

What’s the error that was logged during installation?

Version 1.8.2 with wampserver 64 bit by(placing Xibo CMS in WWW folder).
but on installation time it is showing this screen

The installation instructions can be found here - https://xibo.org.uk/manual/en/manual_install.html

Please also look at the environment page ie https://xibo.org.uk/manual/en/install_environment.html

You will definitely want to adjust the DocumentRoot and URL rewriting there.

At a guess that’s the problem and that’s why installator can’t find what it needs.

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