Xibo install on hosting (client denied by server configuration)- please help

I am try new install Xibo on VPS hosting. When try open install.php in browser got error ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS
In logs files folowing error: client denied by server configuration. Permision set to folder 777

Please any ideas?

Are you trying to install 1.7.6 CMS?
What exactly is your web server environment?

permissions 777 – Everyone can read write and execute.

You’d need to answer my questions and give us more details, on-premise installations can vary quite a lot.

Thanks for answer!
Yes. Trying install 1.7.6 CMS
I am using hostgator VPS hosting. Apache + Cpanel. 1 GB Memory. (i have few sites on it)
Yes permission 777 on all files and folder.

Hi George

I think you’re going to need to speak to Hostgator about that. The log suggests something in their system is preventing access to the code running. They can probably advise you as to what.

What I would say is the error you’re getting suggests you’re trying to install Xibo outside the area Apache is expecting to find websites so you probably need to allow access to that location in your httpd.conf file


:frowning: ok…anyway thanks a lot for your help!
but i have not problem with install wordpress or other CMS. why only xibo got this error.?
all manuals about local install and no one for install on hosting.

The error is coming from Apache not Xibo so it will be related to how Apache is configured on your server.

Xibo doesn’t work well in a shared hosting environment which is why we don’t recommend it or provide documentation on how to configure that. And actually most shared hosting is different from every other sort out there so we’d never be able to provide docs for every provider.

You say you have a VPS though so it’s not shared hosting - you have control of the whole server so it is a local installation - just on a server that’s not physically in front of you.

If working with Apache configuration files isn’t something you’re comfortable with then there are companies including the project sponsor who will do all that work for you so you can concentrate on just using Xibo.