Xibo for Windows - Release - v2 R201

Xibo are pleased to announce Xibo for Windows v2 R201. This release works with Xibo CMS version 2 and has legacy mode for version 1.8.

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With this release of Xibo client application Trend Micro start detecting and deleting XiboClient.exe file. This file was recognized as Virus with description: „Unauthorized File Encryption“. I found that this false detection occurred before (https://community.xibo.org.uk/t/xibo-client-1-8-8-virus-warnings/14028). Is there any solution for this?

Thank you for your message. It appears you are correct that a false positive has occurred and your Xibo Player has been quarantined. In order to resolve this, you will need to restore the Xibo Player from your quarantine so you can continue to use it. You may also need to add the application to an exception or Whitelist for your Anti Virus to stop this from occurring again.

Can you confirm what Anti Virus you are using, the version of that Anti Virus and also confirm that it is currently up to date?

Many Thanks.

My company is using Trend Micro OfficeScan and is up to date. About this problem I have contact our IT department and they have send this file to Micro Trend for testing.

This is result from Trend Micro:
These samples are verified and here is the result:

  • File (Normal)
    XiboClient.exe (6160f9fca65e6984acb9298d89b75fed2fe133bf)
    The normal file/s will be added in our certified safe software databases and may take 12-24 hours to reflect in the systems.

Thank you for the update on the Anti Virus you use and also for sending a copy to Trend Micro so it can be tested and verified as safe. Hopefully you should indeed find after the next 24 hours that it is no longer flagging up as malicious.

All the best with your Xibo setup.

Many Thanks.