Xibo for android & Xibo-cms over HTTPS

We followed below instructions to add SSL via Apache proxy server.

We can connect to Xibo over https from a browser but the Xibo for Android client will not connect over HTTPS. Any ideas?

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I’ve replied in your ticket, but it isn’t possible to use HTTPS with an IP address. You need to connect to the CMS with whatever host name you’ve used in your self-signed certificate.

Hello, I have the same issue, but I’m using host name.
Could you please suggest what I can do in this case.
Thank you!

Please check your SSL configuration with Quallys SSL Labs.

Very likely you have certificate chain problems. You need to resolve those.

If your CMS isn’t accessable to the public internet, please check that it’s using an ssl certificate that is signed by a root CA that your Android device trusts, and that any intermediate certificates required are being provided as part of the bundle your webserver is sending to the Player.

we have non-public CMS, so adding certificate to device was sufficient.
Thank you so much!



I don’t know how add a certificate to device, i’m using mi tv (xiomi - android 8). Please, help me


Adding Certificates to a device will vary depending on the device you are using. I would recommend contacting the manufacturer of the device for support on how to do that.

Many Thanks.