Xibo for Android v2 R207 Available

Xibo Signage are pleased to announce Xibo for Android v2 R207. This release works with Xibo CMS version 2.x and has legacy mode for versions 1.4, 1.6, 1.7 and 1.8.

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Installed R207 today on a testdevice, confirmed it on a different device. Fade transition doesn’t work, just cuts.

Similar case here. Fade blocks the timeline in that particular region.

What type of Widget are you trying to fade? We did have some issues with transitions and videos which meant they only worked in certain cases (surface view on, newer device)

Hello! Could you please elaborate on which android devices in particular does work gapless video playback? I’m planning to upgrade all my current players in case it really does work!

Fade didn’t work for videos. I use videos as a ‘loading screen’ while web content is loaded in the background. Video should fade to the web content but just cuts.

You could try toggling SurfaceView to see if that improves it on your device.

If your device has multiple video decoders (something you’d need to ask the device manufacturer) then it should decode the incoming video off screen and have it ready on frame 1.

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Could you please name a specific android device that support that feature?

The DSCS9 has multiple decoders and therefore prepares the video in advance and switches without the black frame in between.

Obviously the videos themselves have to start from frame 1 - many have black frames at the beginning.

Hello Dan,

Thanks for the release!
We’ve got an issue with 207: we have a web page widget on an overlay layout that needs to reload every hour, but after the upgrade, that particular widget only loads once when the overlay kicks in and then the widget is gone after an hour, when it needs to reload. All other content of the overlay runs fine, except the web page. Any idea what it could be ?

Thanks for your time.

Did you have this looked at by anyone? If not could you please contact the help desk so that someone from the team can run over it with you?

We haven’t intentionally modified the way overlays work/reload - I think they aren’t actually supposed to reload if its a single Widget in a Region (if there are two, or if Region loop is ticked then they are).

We probably need to recreate your Layout on a test system and see whats up - the help desk can assist you there.


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