Calendar widget shows current and main at the same time

I have installed R207 on a Philips monitor with integrated android. We use the calendar widget with different templates for “Main” and “Current Event”. After some time, “Main” and “Current Event” are shown at the same time.

It is a Philips Signage Solutions 10BDL3051T

The ‘Current Event’ template will use the Players time and date to work out when an Event is current and if you have set the ‘Number of Items’ to be more than 1 then there will be a point that the current event is shown along with what is returned with the Main template.

Take a look at the set-up in our Calendar guide which shows the Current Event alongside the Main ‘Coming up’ events.

Hi natasha,

number of events is set to 1. We have 27 displays, 26 runs fine with R202, only the display with R207 has the problem. Same layout runs fine on one of the other displays. But I will check the layout and display settings again.


Once you have checked your settings and you find that the issue still persists with R207, then please do come back to us.

Thank you

Is it running fine on your Philips device?

R207 includes measures to prevent gapless playback, so when the Layout renders the first time, two copies are rendered, one on screen and one ready to come back on the screen when the first comes to an end. If you are using long durations then the pre-rendered layout could be wrong when it is shown. Could I ask what Layout duration you have for this Layout?

In the meantime, drop back to R206 to see if this resolves this, as it does not contain the gapless playback feature.

I go back to R202, it works fine. Layout duration is 60 minutes. Region duration is 60 seconds (loop)

With R207 the newsticker gets slower and slower with time.

Thank you, I shall pass this information onto the dev team and in the meantime suggest that you use R206.

If you’re happy to provide an export of your Layout so that we can see how it is configured, it would be helpful while we look into this.

While Natasha is absolutely right here, actually the hidden off-screen copy is not loaded at that point, specifically because it might advance the contents beyond where it should be. The same is true for tickers, the web browser is rendered off screen, but it is not yet showing anything.

There have been a lot of changes between R202 and R206, and then more between R206 and R207. It would be useful to see if the problem happens on R206.

How can I send you the layout?
I will try other releases when I’m back in the office.

You can upload your export on or if you’d rather no one else saw it you can PM the link to either myself or Dan.

R206 works fine, no problem

I have this exact model and will get your Layout running on it now.

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