Xibo for Android on BroadSign Xpress box

Hi Xibo gang,

I’m hoping to replace a few hundred BroadSign Xpress players with Xibo for Android. The BroadSign boxes are running Android 4.1. When I download the 1.8 APK from the Xibo site and run the installer I get an error:

There was a problem parsing the package

I’m not an Android expert (yet) but can you think of any reasons why the APK won’t install?


This will be a problem, from 1.8 R101 Xibo for Android requires at least Android 4.4 based devices.

At a guess that will be the reason for the error you’ve encountered.

You should be able to install 1.7 R63 on those devices though

As always, I very much appreciate the quick reply. I actually DID read the 4.4 requirement earlier in the day yesterday, but for some reason it didn’t register in my head when I wrote “4.1” in my support request. (Sigh)

Have a great weekend!

if there is a problem parsing package on your phone, make sure the apk your download is the latest version