Hello, lately i found Xibo, i don’t really understand installation by docker so i wanted to try installation on server. So i installed xampp to test it, but every time when goin to a localhost/web i was getting an error “ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS” and address was like a lot localhost/web/install/install/install…

So i found this forum, searched for the solution, found topic " Xibo 3.0.0 Install erro: web/install/1/install/install/" created by Henrique_Lucas.

I saw his solution is creating a subdomain on your server and putting xibo cms there. So i did it, i have a server on CPANEL so i created a subdomain there aaand its all the same, same error. So i searched again, aaand i don’t understand any of the solution.

For example, one solution was enable force ssl in cms setting. Can someone tell me where it is?
Where can i find those settings?

I can’t even do this preperation:

because i don’t know where those things are. I only found DocumentRoot, but this was on my first try when using xampp. I was trying to modife it on few ways, but didn’t worked. Thanks for any help.

CMS Version


Installation Method

Custom install

Operating System

Windows 10 64x

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