Xibo doesn't play video when download new video

I need when the new video assign to the layout and the xibo client start to download but it still display the old video in the screen. Now when the xibo client start to download video it doesn’t display the old video. It display the xibo client screen only.

Why there is no one reply my issue??

That’s intended behaviour when you change content of a layout that’s currently being displayed on your screen.

That’s why you should have a default layout with something very simple not often changed, so it can be displayed when there are issues with your scheduled layouts or there is a new content being downloaded.

I guess that will be timezone difference, I’m personally not that active on this site around 3am.

I don’t use any schedule, but i use normal display. So I don’t want my client see xibo screen when the new video file download. I want the old video still display and the new video download in the background. After new video finish downloaded it will automatic play the new video.

Do you have any solution? Now I meet this problem.

Display settings -> edit display profile assigned to your device -> uncheck Expire Modified Layouts?

This way player should continue to display your layout for the whole duration, now if it will give it enough time to download new video, then after layout reloads it will display it, if not then it will show splash screen.

Alternatively, you could use Xibo as it’s intended to use ie simple default layout and schedule more complex layouts.
This way you will avoid the splash screen.

Now I am testing it. I will ask you more if it is not solved ok.

I test already. But it doesn’t solve,video cannot still display when new video start download. When the video start to download it still stop play video and go back to xibo screen.

Do you have any idea? I am waiting your response.

As I said, you’d need to use Xibo in the way it is supposed to be used.

Create simple default layout, so it can be showed when your scheduled layout are being downloaded.
You can even have some video on it, just not the one you change every so often.
Although it would be better to have some image, text etc on the default layout, to make sure it will always be displayed just fine.

Create more complex layouts that you change often and schedule them to be displayed.

we can only this way alright??