Xibo Docker (server) Hardware Requirements


We are planning to deploy the latest version of Xibo Docker with 30 clients. Xibo docker will be deployed on Linux.
Could you please tell me the hardware requirements (processor, RAM, Disk capacity) roughly for the server installation?

I can’t no.

The reason I can’t is that 30 clients can generate almost no load on the server, or alot of load, depending on how you use the system.

It’s a bit like asking how many cups of water it will take to fill a bucket, if you don’t know how big the cups are, or how big the bucket is.

In general, a modest server will easily serve 30 Players, assuming you have sane options enabled (ie 5-15 minute collections, XMR enabled, relatively low content turnover).

If you’re using proof of play stats, 1 minute collections, very frequently changing content then you may need more power on the server. The only way to know for sure is to setup a test environment and run the system with 5 players and your desired workload, and scale up from that.