Xibo displays not downloading files


I’ve had issues with our Xibo displays. They never finish their downloads for any of the layouts not even the default one. 2 out of the 3 displays always have the Xibo Open Source Digital Signage logo displayed. When managing the display it always shows 2 downloaded and 21 pending.

The 3rd currently has the correct layout however the Chart.min.js and fonts.css never download.

This is what is displayed on the Player Information Screen:

I’ve upgraded CMS to 2.1.2 and the displays are running Xibo for Windows v2 R201.

Any steps to try and fix this is greatly appreciated.


Welcome to the Community Marlie_Ford!

Sorry to hear that you are experiencing these issues with your Players. With the 2 Displays that are not downloading most of the files they require, I would recommend the following tests:

  • Close the Player and reopen the Player Options application. make sure the CMS credentials are entered correctly, including the http or https in your URL, depending on how you have configured your CMS. Please also make sure you have chosen a Local Library directory that the User has permission to read and write to. Finally click the Save button in the Player Options application and make note of the message you receive. Please let me know what it states.

  • Close the Player on your devices and open a web browser, are you able to log into your CMS from the devices running your Players? If you receive any errors, please pass them on.

  • Make sure the time, date and timezone are correct on the devices running your Players.

With the Display that is downloading all files except Chart.min.js and fonts.css:

  • Go to the Modules menu option in your CMS and click the Verify All button. You should receive confirmation that it has been successful. Your Players will now need to download the files again, please confirm if those files are now successfully downloaded.

Can you also confirm that all 3 of your Players have separate entries in your Displays menu in your CMS?

Many Thanks.