Xibo Displays are not running default or scheduled layout

We had a server crash and had to restore the database from backup. We are up & running with Xibo 1.8.11, mysql 5.6, and XMR 0.7 on Android clients v106. However we cannot seem to get any of the displays to run layouts: default or scheduled. What are we missing? What are the next triage steps?

Below is a picture of the displays.

Some of the displays are reporting “Cannot set the next Layout from the Schedule. Schedule Invalid”. I am not sure how to resolve error or if relevant. I have verified the displays are connected, registered, and authorized with Xibo. Displays have appropriate internet access.

Can you provide a Status screenshot form one of the Displays please?

If you are using Windows Players, you can access the Status page by clicking the i key on your keyboard while the Player is running. For Android, you will need to click on the screen while the Player is running and choose Status from the Action bar at the top of the screen.

Many Thanks

We have Android players. Here is the screenshot of one display’s status screen.

Thank you for the screenshots. There are 2 Errors that you are receiving that I would recommend looking into.

The first error states that Connection to the CMS is not available. This also relates to the Message
Network status is connected, cannot reach XMDS

This suggests that your Display has a network connection but something is stopping the Display from contacting your CMS. This display has 3517 concurrent failed connection attempts. I would recommend trying to log into your CMS using the web browser installed on that Display device. If you cannot log into your CMS, take note of the error message you receive.

You should also check any Firewalls on your Network to make sure that the traffic is allowed on the ports you have configured for your CMS setup.

When did you take this screenshot? I would check the time and date are correct on the device too if they were taken today, as the screenshot suggests it was a few days ago.

The second issue is with your Default Layout for the Display as it is currently invalid. A valid Layout will contain at least one Region. Any regions you add to your Layout must not be empty. If you have any empty regions, please delete them. If you have no regions, create one and add media to it.

Many Thanks.