Xibo digital signage with Powerpoint (with interaction features)

Dear community,

I am completely new to that forums and hope that my topic is correctly placed here.

I do have a question to my xibo digital signage: I try to insert a PowerPoint presentation into my layout. I didn’t find any helpful articles on web and just want to ask you how that works. The presentation also includes various interaction elements I prefer to import too (for touch screen, that people can interact with the Powerpoint). Hopefully it’s working on some way.
Actually I established to integrate the PPP in video formate.



We suggest for most cases, converting to video is easiest since it avoids the requirement to have PowerPoint installed on all of your Player machines.

If you do want to natively show PowerPoint without conversion, then the steps required are covered in the manual:


Thank you for your effort.

The background for that is an info screen of a waiting area. Something where people can interact with. Just filling their names in lists and navigate on buttons. PowerPoint has the opportunities for that.