Xibo datasource - Pull data from SQL database or text file

Hello support team,

I am using Xibo 1.8.1. I installed and created the database successfully. I wanted to know if it’s possible to pull data from SQL database using Xibo? I would like xibo to pull birthday informations from a different department instead of giving that department access to the database.
I also tried the xibo documentation to use dataset (ticker) for birthday. It didn’t work either.
Can we pull data from a text file using xibo? If yes, can you please provide the steps?
Fyi: I tried giving a new user access to different region with modify access to the the birthday region and text but it did not work. I was getting access denied
I am using the default layout since my project is simple. I am not going to schedule anything,. I modified the default template and displayed it to the TV, it’s working fine so far. I just need to pull some information from our SQL databse.
Any help will be appreciated.
Thank you in advance

It would best to have those Birthdays in a .csv file, which then can be imported into the dataSet in Xibo.

As for the user permissions, what permissions did you give that user?

Does he has view/edit permissions to the layout and all regions/widgets on it? (you do that by checking the Cascade the permissions checkbox on layout permissions form). You will also need to assign him permissions to at least, Layouts, Regions, playlists, datasets page and dataset itself.

Thank you for your quick response.
As for the permissions, yes I gave the user view and edit access…

As for the SQL database, I would like to know if xibo can pull data from SQL. For example, the calls and sales answered by agent are in the SQL database so I was wondering if there is a way for Xibo to pull the calls answered from 2 departments (we are currently using symon and it display like this on the screen:
Subscriber sales statistics:
Sales orders: 20 Installs completed: 20
Top agent (s):
Number of alarms: 30000
Alarms count: Today we responded to 3 alarms
These are just example with no fake numbers
If the SQL option works, I won’t need to give the users access

I am using xampp and has MySQL and Apache
Thank you

No, Xibo doesn’t have a SQL module you can use to run arbitrary SQL queries on a 3rd party database. You could write your own module to do this: http://xibo.org.uk/manual-tempel/en/advanced_modules.html

Or you could write an API application to put the data that you need into a DataSet

Thank you Dan and Peter for your answers.