Xibo Database and Log sizes

I was checking some files and configs on my server, and I find out that my xibo database has 9gb, and my Log file is about 7.62gb.

How can I reduce the size of both files?

Can I just delete the log file? Is there a option to “clear cache/temp files” on the cms?

If you log in to CMS, Then Logs, you can truncate them. also might be worth running the maintenance script. http://yourdomain/xibo/maintenance.php

Thanks for the tips. I did both of them, and now my database is wayyy lighter. But that txt log file still there, with 7gb. Can I just delete it?

Which text log file? :smile:

Xibo will only write a text log file if the database goes away for some reason - assuming its in the root of your CMS installation and is called err_log.xml then its safe to delete that.

Yes… This err_log I’m talking about.

I didn’t know that Xibo could generate this amount of data. But now, everything is fine. I cleared all those stuff, it’s only 1.2gb now. I can even migrate the cms now. =P


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It has to be a pretty serious error to write to that file - Xibo wouldn’t generate that under normal circumstances.