Xibo Content Player in top left corner after power-off Display


Hi Xibo Community,

we have now finally after days of testing found out why some of our customers complain why their image is somewhat in the top left corner

Windows 10 and this current 1.8. Version of Xibo seem to have a problem with each other.
If the PC is running and you change the video signal any way (switch with HDMI switch or press power off via remote control or shut it down in the evening and restart the display - not the PC - in the morning) windows tries to auto resize the solution and therefore the image / content player gets stuck where you can see it in the image.

Is there any way to get around this problem that doesn’t include “always run the display and never turn it off”?

Why is this suddenly a problem when it hasn’t been before? We are using Xibo for about 4 months now and never had this problem. Suddenly it occurs within a few days with different customers.

Thanks for your help.

Greetings from Germany,


This is an issue that is known to happen with Windows and will be resolved in a future release of Xibo for Windows.

A possible fix is explained in the below FAQ:

Many Thanks.


Thank you very much for this answer.
We did the registry entry but this didn’t solve the problem for us.

Is there any kind of information when the next version will be released?


I’m sorry to hear that the registry entries did not resolve the issue. Currently there is not a release date set for the next release of Xibo for Windows, any new information will be posted on the Xibo Blog:

Another possible workaround would be to define the Resolution in the Display Settings Profile for your Windows Displays. To do this:

  • Select the Display Settings option in your CMS.
  • Click on the down facing triangle at the end of the Windows Profile you are using with the Display and choose Edit from the menu.
  • Next click the Location tab. You can enter the resolution of the Display into the Width and Height fields.
  • Save to confirm.

I would recommend restarting the Player once you have made these changes to the Profile.

Please note that this will set the resolution for all of your Windows Displays using that Profile. If you have other Displays that use a different resolution screen, you will need to create a separate Profile for those Displays.

Many Thanks.


As an update regarding this issue, can you confirm if you have upgraded your Xibo for Windows Player to the latest version, which is now 1.8.12-133? Can you confirm if the issue is resolved on the new version of the Player?

Many Thanks.


Hi Dan,

we tried this version and for the moment it seems that the problem is solved.

Thank you for your help!

Is there any way to get a notification when a new version launches?

Greetings from Germany,


Thank you for the update, please let me know if the issue returns.

There are many ways to be kept informed about the Latest Xibo releases. You can Enable Latest news in your CMS by clicking the Settings option in your CMS, clicking on the General tab and finally ticking the Enable Latest News? box. Save to confirm. This will then show the Latest Xibo news on your Dashboard.

You can also check our Xibo Blog as mentioned in my previous message as well as sign up to be kept informed by email. To sign up, you will need a Xibo Portal account. Once you have an account, you can click the below link to access the Account settings page and tick the I'd like to be kept informed by email box. save to confirm.

Many Thanks.