Xibo CMS Upgrade from 1.7.9 to 1.8.0 on Shared Web Host

I’m new in Xibo and yesterday I did my first installation of CMS 1.7.9. Today I was informed about the new version 1.8.0. I believe that is good idea to start working on the new version. So please explain to me how to do the upgrade using the Docker on a shared web server (my current CMS version is hosted on URL http://xibo.klinikiag.gr) where I do not have any access outside public_html folder and no permissions to run the docker command. Please help me and guide me on what should I do.
Thank you.

You can’t run Docker in that environment I’m afraid.

You may be able to run a non-docker install on shared hosting, if the shared-host has the right PHP modules enabled for you, but you won’t have anywhere to run XMR, so push messaging won’t work.

Unfortunately shared hosting isn’t really ideal for Xibo. The CMS can be resource hungry at times and we fairly frequently hear from people who’s hosts have either terminated their accounts, or suspended access because they used too many resources.

You’re much better off with a VPS running Docker for Xibo.

So, what is in your opinion the best proposal for running Xibo 1.8 with Docker?
I want to run digital signage on about 5-10 TV’s in different locations.
Thank you.

As I said in my last reply, you’d need a VPS to run with Docker.

Or you can use the Cloud Hosted solution and then all this is taken care of for you.

Here’s my issue: I’m running on a shared host that doesn’t have Docker. I can’t install Docker. I can’t run Docker. When I try manual install I get issue after issue. Am I missing something? If Docker is supposed to be easier, how do I use it on a shared host where I can’t install programs? If Docker requires me to run a Linux VM to compile a site in Windows, it’s kind of ridiculous. Hopefully I’m missing something obvious.

If you aren’t able to run with Docker, then a manual installation is your only option I’m afraid.

The reason we’ve introduced Docker images is that the requirements for the CMS are becoming more and more complex to fulfil, and are likely to become more so over time. Unfortunately, shared hosting isn’t suitable for Docker, nor is shared hosting particularly suitable for Xibo (even on 1.7 series).

So the three options available to you are to move the CMS to a Linux or Windows server that can run Docker, do a custom install, and sort out the dependencies yourself. Note however, that if your shared hosting doesn’t give you any kind of command line access then you won’t be able to use XMR with 1.8 CMS. That’s because XMR requires a long-running server process to broker messages. The CMS will still work without it, but you’ll loose all player action functionality (screenshots, scheduled commands etc). The third option is to stick with 1.7.9.