Xibo cms not holding proxy settings

Hi , i have set up a xibo cms on a pc as part of testing a newer version of xibo before using it as the main version on all of our screens and while trying out all the different features i was trying out the rss ticker feature which doesnt work at the minute but i believe that is probably due to the proxy which we are behind , although these settings are already in windows in the machine where cms is installed ,anyway i tried putting my proxy settings into the cms but they disappear when iIcome back to the settings even when i have been sure that i clicked on the save button at the bottom of the screen before going to a different screen.

Is that with 1.7.8 CMS?

Perhaps try it with different browser?

If that still does not work, you could try to enable debugging -> recreate the problem in CMS -> check logs page for errors.

it is 1.7.8, just tried with internet explorer rather than chrome and it looks like it worked, just need to test it out