Xibo cms login error

i was install xibo 1.7.4 but i can’t log in xibo cms
what is wrong? i correctly typing my account id and password

please let me know, what’s wrong this log in problem.
thanks you

username or Password incorrect? :frowning:

please help me~~ please


If you are hosting with us (Spring Signage, cloud hosting), please let me know what’s your CMS instance address/name
If you are not hosting with us then have a look here:

i was install my home pc, but i can’t login the xibo cms admin.

i do that you teaching. but i can’t login xibo cms admin
now, admin id is ‘xibo_admin’ and password is 'password’
i really want to use this xibo cms sw.
please help me peter~

Would you controll my pc for remote controll as like skype or teamviewer
Please ~

thank you very much


Did you go to the link that Peter replied with?

If so, what happens when you try to login now? If you get an error please post what it says. Providing more details will help someone to help you.

i triied this problem but it is too difficult for me.
i record my screen and upload to youtube.

dear Dev sir!~
please help me for watching xibo cms interface.


admin id: xibo_admin
password: 1111

thank you very much~

i solved this problem

thank you

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Please, I have the same problem. How do you solved it?

Regards, Luiz

Did you try the post from Alex that Peter posted? It will tell you what to do.

Solved it. Thank you.

Your Welcome. Good to hear.