Xibo cms is very slow

Hello everyone,
I have the following configuration:

  • Xibo cms 1.8.11
  • Xampp with php 5.6
  • 140 players

The problem is the admin page of xibo is very slow, to go from one page to another it takes several minutes.
I’m wondering if there is a parameterization in php or in apache or in xibo to fix this problem.
Thank you

Check this, just in case. Maybe it’s the same issue.

For me, check that your log, notification and statistics (if used) tables are being truncated regularly – sometimes if the maintenance job isn’t properly removing logs the log table can grow very large and slow down your whole dashboard to the point of crawling. This goes without saying that your screens shouldn’t be logging detailed log information (i.e. debug information).

Another item you may want to check is how often your displays are checking in. I have mine set to 5 minutes, that seems to work. Saves a lot of traffic.

Also - time to upgrade to PHP 7+ – it’ll run faster for ya.