Xibo CMS Hard Drive Corrupt!

Hi All,

Unfortunately, the Windows PC that the Xibo CMS was running on has a corrupt hard drive - so bad in fact, that I can’t even mount it and grab data off using a desktop HDD caddy.

My question is, if I reinstall the Xibo CMS on another hard drive, is there any way in which the signage players can “send” their layout, data and templates etc. so that we don’t need to create new ones from scratch and push them out? or is this a “tough luck” situation?

Thanks in advance

If you can’t access your drive at all to export CMS library/db and there are no backups somewhere else, then I’m afraid it will be hard to preserve the content.

You could try saving the content from the player’s local library somewhere else and then at least upload the content from it (images, videos etc) to your new CMS