XIBO CMS content migration

Hello Experts,

We’re on XIBO 1.7.9 and would want to upgrade to 2.3.3 the latest version.

I believe, we can’t upgrade to 2.3.3 from 1.7.9. We first have to upgrade to 1.8 and then to 2.

So I’ve two questions -

  1. Can we install a new CMS with 2.3 and then migrate content from old server?
  2. Do you have a manual or documentation on content migration.


You can’t do what you describe no.

You either need to upgrade from 1.7.9 to 1.8.13 in place, and from there on to 2.2.3, or you can install a new 1.8.13 and move your data to that.

Assuming you’re going to switch to Docker at the same time, then we have notes on moving to Docker which will work for going to 1.8.13, and then you can directly upgrade that to 2.2.3 very easily. So you’d do a fresh install of 1.8.13 and import your data leaving your original server alone, and then upgrade that. The notes explain it in detail.


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Thank you very much, Alex. This is what I was looking for.

I’ll read through the notes.

Thanks once again.

Hi Alex,
Thank you for helping me with my questions.
If I need to install Xibo CMS 1.8.13 using Docker, can I do it on a SUSE SLES version 15 OS?

If yes, then can you please share the installation instructions.


Our recommendation is Ubuntu 18.04 or 20.04. Assuming SLES has up to date packages for Docker and docker-compose then I see no reason it ought not to work on SLES too, but we’ve never tried it. There may be others here to do run on SLES.

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Thanks Alex for all your help. We were able to install and migrate data from our old test server.
The production has data thrice of test system therefore we want to make sure it doesn’t create issues for the existing system during data migration from old prod server to new prod server. Do you have any recommendation? users may create new layouts when migration is happening.

You can’t have users making changes to the system while you migrate. You need to arrange a downtime window sufficient to do the migration (based on your test) and time to roll back if it doesn’t work out

Ok, Thanks Alex. I guess there is no way to lock users from logging into CMS so we would need to communicate them.

Do we also need to bring the existing CMS down for the migration? Will the migration have impact on existing displays?

We are doing a fresh installation to 1.18.13 with docker and just need to copy/migrate contents from existing server to new server.

If the hostname of the server will change (ie the URL you use to access the CMS changes) then you’d need to change the configuration on all your players (and at the same time upgrade them).

If the URL to access will stay the same then you’d just need to upgrade the Player version on each of your Player devices. The configuration will stay the same.

You can prevent users accessing the old CMS by stopping your webserver on that server - so for example by stopping Apache. Then take your MySQL backup and a copy of the library which will be in a consistent state.

We’re planning to use the different host name/URL so that we don’t interfere with existing CMS.
Yes, we would need to update players to point to the new server address and we will upgrade the players during that time.

We have a lot of layouts therefore we would like to verify/preview all the layouts in production first before connecting players to the new server and display those layouts.

What we need to know - Should we bring the existing CMS down during content migration from old server to new server?

Yes you must take it down so that your database and library are from the same point in time and consistent.

ok, Thanks Alex. I was in impression that since we are just copying content from existing server to new server therefore we can keep the existing CMS running. Even if someone creates a new layout during that time on existing server, we can import it manually on new server.

But looks like we would need to bring the existing CMS completely down.
Thanks for your help.

Hi Alex,

After upgrading to 2.3.5 from 1.8.13, all the displays are missing. Dashboard shows the number of displays but the display screen is missing all the displays.
Can you please help?

We did a fresh installation of 1.8.13, did the content migration and they upgraded to 2.3.5.
Did we follow the correct sequence or it doesn’t matter if we do the migration first or the upgrade first.

Thank you very much.

Did you clear your browser cache?

No, I didn’t try that. Only displays were missing. All the layouts and media were there.

It sounds like a browser cache issue to me.

Thanks Alex. I don’t see the displays after clearing browser cache in Internet Explorer 11 but I see them in Chrome.

Do you happen to know what is causing issue with Internet Explorer 11?

Thank you.

It’s not supported any longer in Xibo CMS since version 2. You need to use Chrome, Edge or Firefox.

Thanks Alex. This makes sense now.

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Will the display be blank when CMS is down. I believe displays store data locally therefore they should still work even if CMS is down.