Xibo CMS 1.8.2 - Total Duration is calculated incorrectly

Total Duration: 160607 → Total Duration (s): 20:36:47

I mean it should be: 160607 / 60 / 60 = 44,61 = 1 Day + 20:36:47

Also: The column heading Total Duration and Total Duration (s) should be swapped?

Best regards

hm let’s see

20:36:47 ie 20 hours 36mintues and 47 seconds which in seconds is 74207
The total duration is seconds though it like that 86400 + 74207 = 160607 ie as you say it has bonus day (24h) there.

Now I do see some inconsistencies in my dev CMS as well, we will need to investigate that.

Yes, they most likely should be, although I don’t think we need total duration (s) (ie the column with only seconds) there at all, @dan what do you think?