Xibo cms 1.6.4 IE version


I have some machines running CMS 1.6.4. and use webpage module in quite a few layouts.

They are not working as would on modern browsers. I would like to know the IE version which 1.6.4 windows client uses to render webpages.


It uses whatever version you have configured, up to the version that is installed.

So if your computer has IE11 installed, then it can act as IE11 by making a registry change - detailed in the FAQ.

If you only have IE8 installed, then the latest version it can operate as with a registry change will be IE8.

If you’ve not made any registry change, the default is IE6 or IE7 depending on which of those you have installed.

Alex, I wish you’d earlier replied a day or two earlier. Although I knew, I need to have the desired IE version installed on my system for xibo to use that but was not aware abt the registry change to actually get xibo to use it.

I had to devote 2 days for the default IE7 to get the page working as desired although it was a learning experience.

Anyways, gr8 to talk to you after a long time (I guess more than 10 months).

Sorry for the delay. It was a bank holiday weekend here in the UK so we were all taking a break. Glad you got it resolved one way or another in the end.