Xibo Client with a Acer Aspire R3600 Revo 1,6 GHz CPU 230

Hello together,
I have bought me a Aspire R3600 Nettop PC for Xibo client. But I’m not amused about this Mini pc. When i make for example an text and this is an running text looks like an ticker, the text is scrolling very slow on TV :frowning: installed both 1.7.5
The System ist WIN 7 32 bit.

Is this not the correct mini pc for xibo?
Can you tell me what mini pc is going for xibo with running text and the ressources?

With my netbook i havent problems. But I’m looking for a small pc



There are some recommendations from Xibo community in this topic - What is currently the best player hardware?

As for text module, I assume you tired to change the speed of this effect, but it just can’t display it smoothly enough? (also marquee effects are more resource consuming)