Xibo Client stops responding and displays black screen

We have about 8 clients running Xibo on Android Minix boxes. Lately we’ve been having issues with two of the boxes that stop displaying content and get stuck on a black screen. Restarting the Xibo client starts displaying signage again but eventually times out. One box is running 1.7 R57 and the other has R58. CMS is on a VM running RedHat 6.8(maybe 6.7) running version 1.7.4.
The R58 box issue happens about every 2 hrs, while the R57 happens maybe once or twice a day.
We are displaying some web content, I would say about 25% while the rest is media. The log on the client does not detect an issue, and memory description says 97%(Not sure if 97% full or available, although when I check from Android there is about 12gb available).
I am fairly new to Xibo so I do apologize if I don’t provide enough/incorrect info.
Any help on this matter would be greatly appreciated!

Seems to be a duplicate of this.

What hardware are you using for the clients? What Android version? What Rom version from the manufacture?

Thanks for your fast response. We are using Minix NEO X8-H Plus running Android 4.4.2 (KitKat). We have them plugged in to Vizio TV’s so I don’t think its an HDMI issue since it displays everything fine, Xibo just doesn’t display content sort of speak. I’ll try the root access, would you recommend these directions? https://springsignage.freshdesk.com/support/solutions/articles/3000013658-rooting-a-device

The instructions look good to me. I am not positive it will fix the black screen problem.

Any other suggestions you may have?

Unfortunately not. @Alex, any ideas?

Can you please upgrade to 1.7 R59 initially and see if that makes any difference?

The X8 never made our recommended hardware list as we had issues with it in testing, but from memory I don’t think they related to freezing on a black screen.

It does sound rather like the device going to sleep rather than Xibo not running as you say it’s running OK when you move the mouse you have attached. What’s shown on the status screen? Does the player continue to check in with the CMS while the screen is black?

Upgraded to R59 yesterday morning and left it running. Haven’t had any issues in 24hrs so far, hopefully wont have any issues with the other client. Thank you both for your help and quick response!