Android Client goes black after 2 hours

Hi there,
Thanks in advance for any help.

I have an issue where after 2 hours of successfully displaying layouts the screen goes completely black. It is as if the client has gone to sleep. The TV is still on and displaying but the Xibo client seems to be displaying a black screen. It stays this way until you move the mouse. The status on the top right is not visible but after moving the mouse the client will “wake up” after about 30 seconds, the status in the top right becomes visible and the client starts displaying the layouts again.

We have 7 identical Xibo clients, this happens to some of them but not others.

CMS: 1.7.4 on CentOS 6

Minix Neo X8H-plus
Android Xibo 1.7 code version 58.

Clicking on status does not show any errors. The client can communicate fine with the CMS, it receives updates and layouts from the CMS.

Any ideas guys?


Does the Client have Root access?

no, the Xibo app does not have root access. Should this be enabled? I cannot see how to enable this.


It is always better if the Xibo client can gain root access, I don’t know that you have to have it, but, I was just thinking that maybe Xibo is unable to keep the screen on due to some sort of third party app or rom modification that is the cause of the problem.

But looking on Google I see that these units seem to have a bug with the HDMI, EDID and Samsung TVs. You may want to look here.