Xibo client regions show a black background rather than transparent

I have a really annoying issue where my layout runs fine however the regions shows as a black square with the content configured overlayed.

Xibo client 1.7.6 running on Windows 7. Xibo server runs on Ubuntu 14.

in the layout preview in the admin backend the regions appear as transparent.

Ignore the twitter not showing that is another glitch that shows in the lapout preview and not on the client player but suspect that is a proxy issue.

for screen shots please view this thread


Feel free to post your image on this site too.

As for the issue (I didn’t see your screenshot) do you perhaps use a background image?
If so make sure it’s a .jpg image.

Thanks for your reply
Sorry i am new to the group and it wasnt obvious at first how to upload a pic

Windows 7 Client player

i cant upload the second screen shot as i have reached my daily limit

I do use a background png.

Don’t worry I saw both screenshots.

Could you please tell me if your background image is in .jpg format?

Edit: I see, .png, could you please change it to .jpg? Unfortunately Windows client supports only .jpg as a background image. That’s most likely the cause of your issue.

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Kudos to you mate that fixed it

Thanks for your help