Xibo Client Option


I would like to know what is the problem?

Is this the first client you are trying to get up and running?
It looks like a server config issue to me.
Is it a manual installation, or Docker?

I am setup for trial run. Yes, it is manual installation.

Is there any other server config I missed out?


I can’t see the error on mine (I’m using docker), but unless I’m mistaken, your client should be looking for ad.jukest.com/lib/Xmds/service_v5.wsdl without the /var/www because outside of the web server, nobody can see it normally.

Maybe check your site configuration file (ubuntu? something like /etc/apache2/available-sites/jukest.com.conf) And look for document root and make sure it’s what it’s supposed to be.

There is a tutorial on here for manual installation, but I’m in the middle of something and can’t look at it.

Thanks for replying. I am using nginx, pls see the config file


I managed get the problem solved due to the soap cache issue. Clearing the soap cache is temporary solution only. The problem come back again…

Anyone has any idea?