Xibo client on LINUX?


Some new model smart televisions use linux as operation system, not android. How can I install Xibo client on them or any methods to solve this?

Hieu Nguyen

There is no currently supported Player for Linux.

You will need to connect an external device which runs Android or Windows.

One of my clients requires Ubuntu Linux only, due to stable enviroment. I cant argue, is there a timeline for Linux client release any soon? What is your wild estimation? It is worth of waiting or rather look for alternative solutions.
I like android client and it works well, but clent does not want too :frowning:thanx for reply.

We released a blog post a little while ago with the progress so far, and a test Player for people to have a go with and give feedback on.

When there is any further news we’ll release that in the same way.

thank you, great news to me :slight_smile: fingers crossed