Xibo client not loading HLS video. But the preview works


I have HLS url play video streaming. When I preview it from xibo admin page by pressing preview layout. stream works fine. however when I go to windows client it’s not playing.

What I have tested so far -

I logon into xibo admin from xibo client pc (windows 10)
Then preview layout from the xibo client pc. works fine.
When I assign the same layout to the same xibo client pc. It doesn’t stream. just blank page.

Any help will be much appreciated !

If you can provide me with the HLS link, I can test it on my local devices. If you would prefer, you can send me this link in a private message.

Many Thanks.

URL sent.

I have tested this link and it works. As I state on my original post preview layout works.


Thank you providing the link for testing. The link returns a 403 forbidden error when trying to access the stream, I would recommend taking another look at your setup to see if anything is preventing the Player from accessing it.

Many Thanks.

Well there is no issue on my side when it comes to preview layout. I assume that if we preview layout on a xibo client pc (going to admin) that should say if we have any issue with getting to the internet etc…

The 403 forbidden error is returned when the Xibo Player itself is trying to access the stream. Something on the other side of the connection is not Authorising the Player to access the stream, perhaps the User agent or something similar.

I will send you a screenshot of the console logs, showing the 401 and 403 errors when the Xibo player attempts to access the stream.

Many Thanks.